Dental Services

Dental Services


Regular dental care is an important part of your total health care. Our entire dental care team is dedicated to providing you with excellent service. Each member of our team works together to meet all the dental needs of our patients in a gentle, professional, and caring manner.

Susanville Dental Team

Charles Giddings DDS, Dental Director

Jaclyn Pak DDS

Tiffany Gorr DDS

Brandi Gobet Registered Dental Assistant

Ada Bradford Dental Assistant

Sarah Flores Dental Assistant

Emily Fluke Dental Assistant

Gregg Hernandez Dental Assistant

Erik Taylor Dental Assistant

Katrina Ratliff Hygienist

Tiffany Richardson CSR

Dalia Mejorado CSR

Westwood Dental Team

Gregory Long DDS

Brandi Gorbet Registered Dental Assistant

Sarah Flores Dental Assistant

Angela Lopez CSR