Meet Your Healthcare Team

Lynn Hudgens C.E.O.

Dionna T. CCO

Suria A.
Admin Secretary

Cheryl Swetland

Kathy M.
Patient Advocate

Jim Sisk
Facilities Manager

Jim Sibert
Maintenance Coordinator


Our highly-skilled administration works hard behind the scenes. From our CEO to our call center representatives, our administration is here to help.

Rocky Parker
HR Coordinator

Linda Muesch
Coding & Reimbursement

Morgan B.
System Support Specialist

Tyler B.
IT Support

Lacey Smith

Tom B.
Financial Projects Mgr.

Terri Amaral-Vella
AP Payroll

Shawna C.
Billing Coordinator

Rhonda Reinhart
Billing Coordinator

Cheryl Phillips
Call Center Rep

Debbie Brooks
Call Center Rep